This guide describes my experience of assembling an analog of the Ambilight backlight that is used on Phillips TVs. The device consists of an LED strip that is fixed around the entire perimeter of the TV from the back of it. The tape is connected to a Raspberry Pi single-board computer via an Esp32 microcontroller with a HyperSPI driver. Using the HyperHDR program, the video and audio stream of the input signal received from the USB capture card is analyzed. After analysis, the color parameters are transmitted to an LED strip that reproduces scattered light around the perimeter of the TV, so that the wall surface behind its body is dynamically illuminated, thereby complementing the image on the screen with a aureole, as it were, visually increasing its size.

The assembly and configuration process is divided into the following steps:


Assembly of components / software setup AstaRom
HyperHDR Awawa-Dev
HyperSPI Awawa-Dev
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ESPHome-Flasher ESPHome Team