Firmware LED driver board

Open the HyperSPI developer repository, we need a page of release versions (link).
Download the latest driver depending on the board used (ESP32 / Esp8266) and the type of LED strip. Please note for the Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 board, there will be a slightly different driver installation process without need to download additional programs, the process is described on this page (link).

In my case, I am using an Esp32 board and a WS2812B tape, so I need to use the driver:


Download the latest available version of the application "ESPHome-Flasher" (link), launch it.
We connect the Esp32 board to the computer using a MicroUsb cable.

In the program window, it is enough to perform three actions:
 - select the port to which our board is connected,
 - specify the path to the loaded driver (*.bin file),
 - press the button "Flash ESP".


Upon successful completion of the flashing process, you will see the following message:


This completes this stage of flashing the LED driver board.