Wiring diagram

All components are prepared for further assembly, it remains to connect them to each other. For a simple understanding of this of the process, I made a visual wiring diagram of all the necessary connections (link).

Manufacturing of the enclosure

Of course, we can place all the components directly on the body of the TV itself (most users that's exactly what they do), but it's much more practical, both in terms of cleaning and in terms of safety, to place them in some single body. The case is an individual thing, you can buy it ready-made in the store (if its size You will be suitable for making it yourself with your own hands.

At the time of writing this guide, I decided to make it myself, using Plexiglas as a base (organic glass). The material is easy to process, unlike iron. At the singing stage, we approximately produce arrangement of our components to understand the necessary dimensions for the manufacture of the body blank. After We mark the required dimensions on a sheet of material and cut out the elements of the future case.