HDMI splitter

An HDMI splitter — is a compact device that is needed to connect a large number of different devices to one HDMI source. Moreover, the splitter not only distributes signals and directs them to various devices, but and significantly amplifies them, which is no less important for obtaining high-quality video and sound output.

In stores there are many types of this equipment differing both in price and in a set of characteristics. Devices that support input resolution only 1080P or full 4K and above, the absence or presence of work HDMI CEC, supporting VRR technology and higher refresh rate (relevant for game consoles as signal source) and so on.

For this project, you need to look for a splitter with the following main characteristics:
 - HDMI 2.0
 - HDCP 2.2
 - HDMI out 1 - 4K, 60Hz
 - HDMI out 2 - 1080P

For myself, I chose the following splitter model — Ezcoo ‎EZ-SP12HAS (link)